Pickering Casino Resort is adhering to provincial guidelines, which currently include indoor gathering limits, up to a maximum site capacity of 50%. The site capacity will be displayed at the entrance of the facility. 

As of September 22, 2021, proof of full series in accordance with Public Health at least 14 days prior to date of entry and a photo ID will be required to enter Ontario Casinos, including all One Toronto Gaming properties – Casino Woodbine, Pickering Casino Resort, Great Blue Heron Casino and Casino Ajax. Guests can provide proof of full vaccination status through printed vaccine receipts or on a mobile device until an enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code is available through the provincial government.

This is in accordance with the provincial government of Ontario’s Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine announcement on Wednesday September 1, stating patrons will need to be fully vaccinated (two doses plus 14 days) and provide their proof of vaccination along with photo ID to access certain “non-essential businesses”, of which casinos are included beginning September 22 2021. All Ontarians who registered their vaccines are encouraged to download their vaccine receipt as proof of their vaccine status until an enhanced vaccine certificate with a QR code is available. Find out how to easily download your vaccination receipts here.

This measure is in addition to the current screening, contact tracing and Health & Safety protocols that are in place to ensure your safety and that of our team members.

No. Reservations are not required to visit the casino. Site capacity limits will be reduced to 50%. Walk-ups are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, occupancy permitting. Please note you will be asked to present a government-issued ID upon entry.
Limited Slot machines and Table games will operate 24/7.

A limited amount of slot machines will be available upon reopening. Physical distancing measures and enhanced safety measures will be in place.

  • While ensuring that our guests’ favourite games continue to be offered, certain slot machines will be out of service where 2 metres of physical distancing is not practical.
  • Plexiglass barriers installed between some slot machines as an added form of protection where two metres of physical distancing is not practical.
  • Hand sanitizer and hand wipe stations are readily available for use.


A limited amount of table games will be available upon reopening.  Each table game will have a limited capacity. Physical distancing measures and enhanced safety measures will be in place.

  • A maximum number of three (3) players will be seated at each live table game.
  • Plexiglass barriers will be installed between both the dealer and players at the tables.
  • Hand sanitizer and hand wipe stations are readily available for use.
  • Each table game position will be sanitized whenever a guest leaves their game.
  • Table Games now open include Blackjack, EZBac, Bacarrat, Three Card Poker, Mississippi Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, and Four Card Poker.
  • Hold’Em Poker is not offered at this casino location.
  • High Limit Table Games are available.

The health, safety, and well-being of our guests and employees are our top priority. We have worked diligently to ensure we’re prepared to safely return to operations. This means we have collaborated with our gaming regulators and provincial health officials to develop a comprehensive health and safety plan for all of our sites so that you have peace of mind when playing at our properties. 

The health, safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our top priority. All guests and team members are required to wear a face mask at all times. A face mask must be one which covers your nose and chin, without gaps, and can loop around your ears.  Masks may be comprised of a washable fabric or they can be a disposable mask. If guests remove their face covering to consume Food or Beverages at any time, it is required to be at a two metre distance unless a barrier exists. All consumption of food must be in designated Food and Beverage areas. Please note that plastic visors will not be considered an acceptable face mask upon entry.  Should you forget your mask, Security can provide you one upon entry.

Government issued Identification will be required upon entering any Great Canadian facility for contact tracing purposes in the event an individual is diagnosed with COVID-19. By retaining contact information for each guest frequenting a facility, Great Canadian can quickly and effectively support public health authorities identify others that may have come into contact with the diagnosed individual. Contact information will be retained only for those purposes, and only for a 30 day period.  

The One Rewards tier status that you had prior to other One Toronto Gaming casinos closing remains intact. Loyalty points and existing free play balances on your account have not expired.  All promotions and offers, including weekly free play coupons, gift offers, and Food & Beverage offers, that were issued prior to closure are void. As we move into the various stages of reopening, new offers and promotions will be introduced. The expiration rules that normally apply to complimentary and free play balances have been temporarily suspended. In approximately 90 days, these rules will again take effect and any complimentary earned or promo free play acquired prior to Covid will expire. Eligibility criteria for offers will not include the period of time that casino operations were suspended.

Unfortunately, promotions are not currently available. Future promotions will be based on a specific eligibility criterion over a time period and eligibility criteria for offers will not include the period the casino suspended operations. More details on promotional offers will be available on our website, on site and our social media platforms.

Limited food and beverage amenities will be available. Food and Beverage, once ordered, must be consumed in the designated area, and will not be permitted to be taken onto the gaming floor. If guests remove their face covering to consume Food or Beverages at any time, it is required to be at a two metre distance unless a barrier exists. All consumption of food must be in designated Food and Beverage areas.

Visitors can access the casino via Church Street only and follow road signs to the parking garage in the back side. Follow the signs to exit the building. From the elevator, exit via Parking Level 1 that will lead you to the entrance of  the casino.  All traffic will exit the site via Squires Beach Road to Bayly Street.

Limited parking is available in the on-site Structured Parkade. Please follow the onsite signage.

We are working diligently to open the remainder of the Casino Resort in the coming months. The complete facility will include a 2,500-seat show theatre and a 350-seat entertainment lounge off the gaming floor; a 275-Hotel room tower with an integrated spa; and a wide assortment of restaurants from an all-you-can-eat buffet to casual dining and convenient grab and go. More details will become available on our website soon – stay tuned!
No, we do not accept Tito tickets from another gaming site.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all shuttle bus options into the GTA have been suspended at our One Toronto gaming sites. We look forward to launching them in the future. Currently, the closest public transit options would be Go Train service on Lakeshore West (Ajax Station) and connecting with Durham Transit (Bus 917) or Go Bus service along Highway 2 (Church St Stop).
We have Aruze Craps tables, which are hybrid Craps tables that allow players to shoot live dice across a large LED playing field and place all their bets electronically. These tables are currently open from Thursday to Monday between 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. We also offer an electronic fully automated Craps option in our Stadium game area. We do not have traditional Craps tables. We look forward to expanding our hours in the future as COVID-19 restrictions ease.
Roulette is open at our location. You may bet on a result from a live dealer through an electronic terminal.